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COT Legal offers its clients an easier, rapid and transparent service. Our clients do not have to call the lawyer in order to find out about the current status of their project. They have full access and may leave questions and answers anytime attached to the documents accessible in the project's file.

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             Claudia Otto has filed a lawsuit against savedroid AG for a creditor. (German) press release in the case of savedroiddated 3 Mai 2019                  On 1 May 2019 the new issue Recht innovativ Ri 01/2019, including two articles in English, was published along with a new website:                Claudia acted as an expert on blockchain and token in the German Bundestag on 11 March 2019. Read her (German) expert statement here:                North Star Trustworthy AI –a Questionable Marketing Strategy Made in Europe Statement in the context of the „Stakeholders‘ Consultation on Draft AI Ethics Guidelines“ (1. Februar 2019) 

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